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Retainers are very important! Why? They are named for exactly what they do…RETAIN. That is, retainers maintain your bite correction and keep your teeth straight. If not worn, teeth will shift and no longer stay straight.

  • After brace removal, wear your retainers full time for 2 weeks, unless otherwise instructed. Thereafter, wear the retainers nightly, indefinitely.  
  • Place retainers in case provided to avoid loss or breakage. When your retainer is not in your mouth, keep it safe in your case.
  • To remove retainers from your mouth, apply pressure to the molar area on both sides. Removing retainers on one side can cause the retainer to crack or bend.
  • Do not eat or chew gum with retainers in your mouth. Always keep appliances away from heat.  This will damage your retainers.
  • If your retainer is lost or damaged, make an appointment immediately.  Bring broken retainer and, if you were given a model of your teeth, bring any models with you.  (This may save you from taking another impression/mold of your teeth.)  There will be a charge for lost or damaged retainers, or retainers that need to be replaced due to lack of wear, resulting in tooth movement. Note, if you were not given your models at the time of your retainer delivery, they were likely damaged during the creation process. In that case, new models will need to be made in the event replacement retainers need to be created.
  • Included in your treatment plan is a one-year retainer check. Please bring your retainers to any follow-up visits. A $50.00 office visit fee will be assessed for each visit following the 1-year supervised retention period.

We recommend using over-the-counter retainer or “denture cleanser” (for example “Efferdent”) tablets. Follow the instructions on the box, which for most involves soaking your retainers in a cup of water into which you have placed a tablet for 5-15 minutes, followed by rinsing them carefully. This should be done 1-2 times a week. A soft tooth brush may be used, but avoid hard bristles and toothpaste that can scratch your retainers.

For some patients, a lingual bonded retainer may be the best option. A lingual bonded retainer is placed on the back of your lower front teeth (or in some cases on the back of the upper front teeth). It may also be referred to as a “lingual wire” or “fixed wire retainer.” As long as the wire is correctly attached, it will hold them reasonably straight.

Cleaning and Care of the wire:
It is important to understand that the patient is responsible for the care of the wire. Proper care includes:

  • Cleaning the teeth around the wire daily: In addition to brushing, it is essential to floss between your teeth and around the gums with floss under the wire. Floss threaders or ‘Super Floss’ makes this easier, much like with fixed braces. Do not push too hard on the wire or it can be bent or dislodged, and if so the teeth will shift. Failure to clean the teeth carefully can result in gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • If you are not certain of how to clean the teeth around the wire, please ask and we will be glad to show you.
  • Do not pick or play with the wire.
  • Do not bend the wire
  • If the wire becomes loose or bent at any time, please contact our office immediately and schedule an appointment. If the wire has debonded completely, please save the wire and bring it with you to your appointment. Failure to address the problem will result in teeth shifting, the need for re-treatment, and added expense.
  • There will be a repair or replacement charge for broken or damaged retainers