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What is "Good Compliance"?


Katie was an excellent patient throughout treatment. She followed our guidelines and how has a glowing smile.

During your original consultation appointment, you were likely given an estimated time you can expect to be in treatment. Finishing your treatment within that time frame will rely on several factors...including YOU! Good compliance means following the steps we give you so you can finish your treatment on time!

Below are the top 10 ways you can help your treatment progress at a healthy rate:

1. Don’t miss appointments. Rescheduling can be difficult since most patients schedule appointments 8 weeks prior to their next visit. Needing to reschedule can mean pushing your appointment further out which can slow down progress.

2. Be sure to schedule your next visit well enough in advance so you can ensure that the times will be available when your appointment is due.

3. If you have been given an appliance or elastic rubber bands to wear, be sure to wear them as directed and for the number of daily hours that has been requested.

4. If you have a broken bracket, contact our office for a repair appointment. Letting broken brackets sit for too long can slow your treatment down.

5. Practice excellent hygiene. Brushing and flossing daily will help keep your gums happy and allow movement more easily.

6. Be sure to schedule regular visits with your dentist for cleanings and to have any areas of decay addressed.

7. Don’t eat foods that can compromise your brackets. Stay away from crunchy and sticky foods that cause bracket breakage.

8. If you are participating in sports, wear a mouth guard to assure that no brackets are damaged during activity.

9. Stay on top of your financial obligations with our office. Significantly delinquent accounts can delay treatment progression.

10. Don’t forget to smile throughout the process. A happy, healthy attitude does wonders for the success of your treatment!