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Can I Still Have Dental Cleanings With Braces?

Excellent dental hygiene is always important, but while you are wearing braces, it is even more necessary for your oral health. Along with diligent home care, you will need to visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Here is a simple guide to follow when scheduling your cleanings.

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with your dental provider. If you do not currently have a dentist, please contact our office for a referral.

Step 2: Inform your dentist that you are currently wearing braces.

Step 3: Contact our office to schedule a two-step appointment for the same day. Before your dental appointment you will need to visit our office where we will remove your wire in preparation for your cleaning. After your dental appointment, you will need to schedule another appointment at our office, either in the afternoon or the next morning. At this appointment, we will place your wire and conduct a regular orthodontic adjustment.

Note, if you schedule a dental cleaning near the time of your scheduled regular orthodontic appointment, please notify our office. We may decide to postpone or change your orthodontic appointment to coincide with your dental cleaning so we may consolidate your visits.

Step 4: If you are collecting Greenies, be sure to download our Dental Office Visit Form.